Chris Godwin
Smart fantasy owners are playing the stock market. Jump off the Chris Godwin ship now before it’s too late. He can’t repeat his 2019 season. (Tori Richman/Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Fantasy Football is a lot like the stock market. Buy low, sell high. I was all in on Chris Godwin last year. He was magnificent for my team all season. 86 receptions, 1,333 yards, and 9 touchdowns in 14 games; I would like to thank Godwin for his service. I’d also like to inform him his service is no longer required. Play the stock market. Jump off the Godwin ship now before it sinks.

Chris Godwin won’t repeat the magical run in 2020. The ship has come and gone. 2019, Godwin put together a ridiculous season. He just has a zero percent chance to repeat upon those number in 2020. When I say zero chance I mean zero chance.

Football is a simple game. Someone has to throw the ball and someone has to catch the ball. Both people are dependent upon one another. Godwin will hold up his end of the bargain but Tom Brady will not. Last year, Jameis Winston threw for 5,109 yards in 2019. Take a guess how many passing yards Tom Brady is projected for in 2020?

Vegas has Brady slot for just over 4,000 passing yards. That’s over 1,000 fewer than Winston threw for in 2019. Now add in all the pieces to the offense. Godwin, Mike Evans, Rob Gronkowski, OJ Howard, Cam Brate, Ronald Jones, and Keshawn Vaughn. Show me how Godwin has better numbers than a year ago?

Furthermore, Tom Brady has made it clear he wants Scotty Miller involved in the offense. Brady didn’t go to Tampa to not have power. Godwin dominated in the slot last year. If he has to move outside, he could be less effective. Add in the fact that Brady’s conservative nature is going to show here. Miller will become a thorn in the side of fantasy owners stealing check downs.

It’s basically impossible for Godwin to have the same seaon as he did last year. Mostly because Tom Brady isn’t the same. 6.6 yards per attempt isn’t creating a great fantasy season for Godwin. Winston’s don’t give a fuck style helped Godwin’s production. Jump off the ship while you can. Godwin will get overdrafted and can’t replicate the results he had a year ago.