Madden 21 Franchise Mode
A major patch for Madden 21 Franchise Mode could be on the way. Yet, I don’t know if it will be enough to save Madden 21? (EA Sports)

Franchise fans, this may be our moment. EA employee and Madden 21 Franchise developer Andre Weingarten (Swami_EA on twitter) has given us the idea and implication that there will be a major patch to Madden 21 Franchise mode in the next week.

Madden 20 saw something similar with a post launch update that added more offensive linemen superstar abilities. As we all saw, those abilities were not included into franchise modes that were created at launch. It is extremely possible that we should expect another update like this in which it will not be able to carry over into existing franchises.

With Weingarten being a developer for Madden 21 Franchise mode it seems promising that we will finally get something new for Madden 21 Franchise mode. EA has given us a list of potential features that could be added in Madden 21 and Madden 22. These are features that I believe could be introduced.

Tuning To Progression & Regression

One of my biggest complaints about Madden 20 was that regression hits like a truck. It is impossible to develop a quarterback who is older than 30. This is obviously not very realistic as we have seen Brady and Brees play at a good level into their 40s. We have also seen older quarterbacks play well beyond age 34, which was typically when quarterbacks used to call it quits. I understand having quarterbacks decline but when Aaron Rodgers goes from a 90+ to a 78 in 2-3 years, you know there’s a problem.

X-Factor and Superstar Ability Customization

Dear god why was this not already a thing? Did EA think that players would not want to pick which abilities that their players would want? It’s something small but I would love it because I can customize players to fit my scheme and what I want to do.

If this update provides Madden 21 Franchise mode with new substance and great improvements then I might purchase Madden 21. Ultimately, this update could make or break Madden 21.

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