Madden 21 Franchise Mode
EA continues to give franchise fans the middle finger and we’re tired of it. (EA)

EA is still giving franchise fans the middle finger, at least for now. In the newest version of the Gridiron Notes there is literally nothing that will be added into Madden 21 Franchise mode for their September Update.

I was hoping for something to happen for franchise mode, but it seems like there’s nothing worth a damn. EA said the following for their franchise mode updates:

The next franchise update blog will be released around the start of the NFL season and will outline current plans and target timing for the first of three planned franchise mode updates for Madden NFL 21

The only other update that will be implemented for the September patch is tuning to x-factors when starting a franchise mode. All I have to say is “What the hell are you doing EA?”

EA, you have to know how pissed people are at the giant middle finger you gave us in the form of the franchise mode updates. Franchise mode didn’t get touched at all in the first patch of the game and now you can’t tell us what we can expect? You gave The Yard 14 bullet points worth of information about updates. You created Face of the Franchise with a terrible storyline and running the “Iconic 40-yard dash” is a glorified cutscene with a predetermined ending, so I’m better off playing Madden 08. I’m not giving EA credit for fixing gameplay in Madden 21 because that’s what they need to do. They’ll piss off and make all the Ultimate Team babies cry if they don’t touch gameplay because their precious cheese plays won’t exist and they’ll cry when their cheese plays get patched.

EA, you’re running out of time. The lack of attention given to Madden 21 Franchise Mode is infuriated and #NFLDropEA is gaining steam. What’s the point of withholding your plan anymore? Now is the perfect time to tell us. It seems you value NFL Pokemon Cards more than simulation.

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