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Mark Schlereth
(Speak For Yourself Screengrab)

Mark Schlereth Has Zero Faith In John Elway

Mark Schlereth
Mark Schlereth ripped former teammate John Elway a new asshole and it’s well deserved (Speak For Yourself Screengrab)

Mark Schlereth currently works for Fox Sports making numerous appearances on their TV programs. I respect Schlereth. I may not agree with everything he says but I love his viewpoint. Schlereth is a grinder and knows what it takes to win. Before that, Schlereth played in the NFL for a number of years for the Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos. Schlereth grinded his way from a 10th round pick to become an important part of an offensive line for 3 different Super Bowl champion teams. Two of those came with John Elway under center.

John Elway is currently running the Broncos and doing a terrible job at it too. You would think that Schlereth would have his back in some sort of way. No chance. Mark Schlereth ripped John Elway a new asshole and he was brutally honest on the current state of the Denver Broncos.

Outside of Peyton Manning, Elway has missed on more quarterback than any other GM in the league. Go down the list. Paxton Lynch, Trevor Siemian, Joe Flacco, Brock Osweiler, and Case Keenum. That’s the list. You name him, he’s sucked. Honestly, NOBODY has missed more than Elway.

Let’s also talk about #72. That man is Garett Bolles. That guy does suck. He also sucked in college so I don’t know why this was surprising. Boles had no business going in the first round. I tried to tell you that years ago. Schlereth is right. He doesn’t deserve to go by anything other than 72. He’s gotta be the worst left tackle in football.

Mark Schlereth is right here. Who has faith in John Elway to turn this puppy around? I would go as far as to say that the Broncos are screwed until they fire Elway. He’s gotta go.


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