Joe Flacco
John Elway thinks Joe Flacco is entering his prime. HUH? (Jeff Howe/Denver7)

Entering the 2019 NFL Draft, I think a lot of people expected the Broncos to consider a quarterback with the 10th pick in the draft. Instead, the Broncos played the game pretty well and drafted the guy they wanted all along (Drew Lock) with the 42nd overall pick. Part of that risky nature came in part because of how much the Broncos believe in Joe Flacco.

The following is from Peter King’s piece on the Broncos draft strategy:

“Our comfort with Joe enabled us to pass on a quarterback,” Elway said. “What made that decision is, Joe is fitting really well with what we want to do offensively, and he looked great in our minicamp last week. He really put on a throwing exhibition last week in camp.”

I truly think we’ve got a guy coming into his prime.”

Okay, then. I think we should first point out that Flacco is 34. Hard to be in your prime in any professional sport at that age. Flacco has been on a steady decline since winning the Super Bowl in 2012. A lot of it just being mental but his numbers don’t lie. He has been a bottom tier quarterback for the past few years.

This just proves another one of my theories. Elite world class talents like Elway, have zero sense on what it takes to be a great quarterback. That’s why they can’t find one. Elway was just too talented. He doesn’t actually know how to scout the position because it came too easy for him. Trying to explain how an old Joe Flacco is in his prime only fits that narrative.

It’s going to be fun to see how long Flacco can keep Drew Lock on the bench. This Broncos team isn’t great. How many losses will it take to bench Flacco? The one thing Joe can be happy about is that Denver drafted Noah Fant. Nobody loves the tight end more than Flacco.