Mike Francesa
Mike Francesa loves the Joe Flacco trade for the Broncos. His reasoning may make you shake your head (Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Since Peyton Manning retired, John Elway has had a very hard time finding a quarterback. Elway has went through a real rough patch. Brock Osweiler, Paxton Lynch, Trevor Siemian, and Case Keenum have all started games since that time. After Elway traded for Joe Flacco, it appears that Denver will have another starting quarterback.

Mike Francesa went on his show and claimed that he loved the Joe Flacco trade for the Broncos. His reasoning was because John Elway knows how to pick quarterbacks.

I think you could make the case that nobody has missed on quarterbacks more than Elway. Osweiler was a bust. Elway then offered a large contract to Osweiler only to get saved by the Texans who out bid them. Elway took Paxton Lynch in the first round! Elway gave Case Keenum $36 million and is going to get cut after one year. Elway has been a total mess drafting/acquiring quarterbacks.

Personally, I don’t get why people are bashing Flacco. I don’t hate this move at all for Denver. Trading for Flacco shouldn’t preclude the Broncos from drafting a quarterback. Flacco is an upgrade over Keenum so Elway probably doesn’t deserve heat for this move.

However, it was a crazy move by Francesa to claim that Elway knew what he was doing. Evidence has shown that the buck tooth Elway doesn’t have a clue how to find a franchise quarterback. A great player doesn’t always make a great coach. The same could be said for a gm. Francesa has been on a roll lately.