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Who The Fuck Does Jamal Adams Think He Is?

Jamal Adams
Who the fuck does Jamal Adams think he is? (Steven Ryan/Getty Images)

Jamal Adams was in the news this week for a couple of reasons. The Jets shopped Adams during the NFL trade deadline and he wasn’t happy about it. Adams spoke to the media and gave maybe the most laughable quote of all-time. Adams feels disrespected that the Jets listened to trade offers.

You can just tell by the way this guy talks that his ego is out of control. It’s one thing to have one. It’s another thing when he can’t back any of it up. I can see how Aaron Donald impacts winning. I can see how Tom Brady impacts winning. Jamal Adams? Give me a fucking break. The Jets were a bad football team before they drafted the former LSU safety and they’re still a bad football team. In fact, I can make a strong case that Adams isn’t even the most valuable member of the Jets defense. That’s CJ Mosley.

Again, I get having confidence. If Adams wants to say he’s the best player in the NFL, I don’t care. It’s the fact that he’s foolish enough to think that he’s too good to be traded. Fucking moron. Everybody has a price tag. I got news for you, Jamal. If Khalil Mack can get traded, then you can too. Khalil Mack is a hell of a lot better than you too. The Jets are a 1-6 football team in sell mode to try to rebuild for the future. If they can trade you for a haul of draft picks, then they absolutely should consider that. Who do you think you are, Jamal Adams? Tom Brady? You’re not in Tom Brady’s class. The only thing you have in common with Tom Brady is that you both wear helmets.

Let’s be honest about what Jamal Adams is. He’s a box safety. Nothing against him. Jamal Adams is a good player. He’s not a great player. The Jets could replace him tomorrow. The NFL is a passing league. Adams doesn’t dominate the pass. He dominates against the run. Adams tackles well and forces his fair share of forced fumbles. I’ll tell you what he’s not. He’s sure as fuck, not Ed Reed. Jamal Adams has 2 career interceptions in 2.5 years in the NFL. This is the same guy that thinks he’s too good to get traded. Get the fuck out of here. In fact, I could make the argument the Jets would be better off trading him. That Adams’ reputation is greater than his on-field production. Box safeties are easy to gameplan for. Guys like Derwin James who excel not just on the field but also with their versatility. Now those players matter. For the record, the Chargers have been lost without Derwin. That’s a chess piece you game plan for. Jamal Adams? You can beat him in coverage. You just make sure you work on ball security that week.

Adams has also established himself as a player too good for the Jets. He’s a me guy. If the Jets struggle, it’s never his fault. I’d trade him yesterday. Adams is also an asshole with zero self-awareness. He attacked the Patriots mascot at the Pro Bowl and seriously injured him. In no way, shape, or form was that funny. The person inside the mascot was eventually taken to the hospital for this hit.


There’s a lot of clueless athletes out there. Jamal Adams is sure as hell one of them. He felt that it was necessary to replace all the buffoonery left behind by Odell Beckham. He’s a lot like Odell. He doesn’t impact winning, doesn’t put up great stats, and has zero clue. Grow up, Jamal Adams. You can be replaced tomorrow.

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