Malcolm Jenkins
Malcolm Jenkins didn’t feel valued or respected by the Eagles. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound? The Eagles are falling a part and the Saints can’t lose. (DAVID MAIALETTI / PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER)

Malcolm Jenkins Didn’t Feel Valued Or Respected By The Eagles

When there’s smoke, there’s fire. The entire city of Philadelphia is burning to the ground. Malcolm Jenkins decided to kick them while they’re down. Jenkins became a hot topic as the Saints are set to face the Eagles this week.

Jenkins was set to earn $7.85 million with the Eagles in 2020. Instead, Philadelphia let him walk and Jenkins reunited with the team that drafted him out of Ohio State. Jenkins was not shy about how he felt about the Eagles organization.

Malcolm Jenkins says he didn’t feel valued or respected by the Eagles:

“For me, I gave everything I had to that city, to the team, did everything the coaches asked me to do, did everything to make the players around me better, tried to put my best football out there,” Jenkins said.

“And it just wasn’t valued that much by those who make the decisions. For me, it was just more of a principle about respect. I really didn’t care what the money was but I wanted to see what that respect factor was and it wasn’t valued at what I thought. So decisions are made and I end up at a place that values what I bring, that has history with me. And obviously, it’s worked out.”

Jenkins did get his raise with New Orleans. The former Buckeyes safety signed a four-year deal worth $32 million this offseason. The way the Saints are playing, he made the right choice to return to New Orleans.

Talk about rubbing salt in the wound of Philadelphia. The Eagles have found a way to ruin Carson Wentz, Howie Roseman can’t draft, they somehow think Jalen Hurts is the savior, and Jenkins is making the entire city look bad.