Drew Brees
Saints Quarterback Drew Brees in the 2020 NFC Wildcard Game against the Minnesota Vikings (Getty Images)

Drew Brees is one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL, that is undeniable. However, recent comments from Brees has caused a great amount of controversy and has caused a Twitter frenzy.

Drew Brees said “I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country.” These comments coming from Brees’ grandfathers fighting in World War Two. These comments caused quite a Twitter storm, with new Saints teammate Malcolm Jenkins saying “Sometimes you should shut the fuck up”

Malcolm Jenkins is not the only person to voice their opinion about the comments made by Drew Brees, in fact, he is far from the only one. Devin and Jason McCourty took to Twitter to voice their opinion. They called Brees’ comments “a disgrace.” Saying black men who also fought in the war came back to “a country that hated them.”

Saints wide receivers Michael Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders also took to Twitter to voice their opinions. Michael Thomas simply said “We don’t care if you don’t agree.” Sanders added in by saying “Ignorant”

Pictures taking from Michael Thomas’ Twitter account.

Tyrann Mathieu, who went to college at LSU, was far from happy as well. He took to Twitter to say “You (Drew Brees) represent New Orleans Louisiana. Don’t ever forget that!”

Defensive lineman Damon Harrison Sr. said “His family not the only ones who fought in wars for this country AND it’s people”

Damon Harrison also said “How can you be in locker rooms, speaking to the players, knowing the reasoning, and yet still be dumb enough to believe it’s about the flag.”

Aaron Rodgers also chimed in on this taking to Instagram to post a picture of him and his teammates locking arms together. He said “It has never been about an anthem or a flag. Not then. Not now.

Even a US Marine said that “If anyone knows about respect and love for country, I’m your guy” as well as that he does not find it disrespectful that players are kneeling during the anthem to raise awareness for racial justice.

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