Russell Wilson
Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson says baseball was his best sport, not football. Say what now? Exactly how good was Wilson at baseball? (Lynne Sladky/Shutterstock Images)

Russell Wilson is arguably the best quarterback in the NFL. Seattle has never had a losing season with Wilson under center. What if he actually wasted his true potential? Huh?

Wilson recently went on the Barstool podcast Pardon My Take and reveled his secret. Wilson believes that if he put everything into baseball, that would have been his best sport.

“I’m gonna go with me. I can turn a mean double play, Tim. I haven’t seen him play though, but I think that if I had really focused on baseball out of high school, I was gonna be a top pick out of high school but I ended up turning it down. I still got drafted late, but I always felt like baseball was my best sport… baseball was actually my love.”

Wilson was drafted in straight out of high school by the Orioles. Of course, Wilson turned that down to play football and baseball at NC State for three years. Wilson was again drafted by the Rockies but this time in the 4th round. Once he transferred to Wisconsin, Wilson focused on baseball full time.

Still, for Wilson to say that baseball was his best sport is wild. Are we looking at a first ballot Hall of Fame infielder jacking 50 homers a year? Exactly how good would Russ have been at baseball… cause right now he is completing 70% of his throws with 32 touchdown passes in 12 games.

Wilson has said in the past that he would consider playing baseball if he were traded to the Mariners. Currently, the Yankees technically own his playing rights. With Wilson aging into his 30’s, I’m sure that ship has sort of sailed. Especially with the state of baseball right now.

Also, yes, Russell Wilson is better than Tim Tebow at baseball. Wilson is better than Tebow at everything.