Adam Gase
(Steven Senne/AP)

Adam Gase and the New York Jets enter the BYE week at 0-9. The team is falling apart and with no real shot at winning a game. Shouldn’t Gase be gone already?

Adam Gase, Comedy for NFL fans, A Plague for Jets Fans

I wrote an article a few weeks ago that Jets executives are still supporting Gase. At first, it was funny a typical Jets thing. To back your disastrous coach that all of New York wants to go. However, as the weeks go on I’m starting to think they actually believe in this guy.

Owner Christopher Johnson and General Manager Joe Douglas have insinuated that Gase just doesn’t have the roster to compete. Now, yes that is true no one is denying this Jets team is void of talent across the board. However, Gase is not the guy for the job.

Gase not Being Fired Yet is Starting to Worry Me.

The more he stays around the more Jets fans should be scared. Scared that Gase won’t be fired. That he will actually be allowed to come back next year. And if that happens kiss Trevor Lawrence good-bye. Lawrence would never go to the Jets if Gase is still around.

Furthermore, the biggest relief would be for Gase to just be gone before the season ends. Although this could be the Jets strategy, if they fire Gase they may stumble into a win. And at this point, the Jets want to go 0-16 so they get that number one pick.

The problem with Gase is he shouldn’t have even been a candidate for the Jets. His resume is horrible, a bad stint as head coach of the Dolphins. And as offensive coordinator, his offenses never broke the top 20 offense in the league.

Why was Gase hired by the Jets and why do they have this blind faith in him? Well, Peyton Manning vouched for him and that just made everything so great for the Jets. Next time the Jets should trust their own process and stop listening to Peyton, who screwed the Jets when he went back to Tennessee for his senior season.


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