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Robby Anderson

(Brian Westerholt/Associated Press)

Robby Anderson Thriving Away From Adam Gase

Robby Anderson
Robby Anderson is thriving away from Adam Gase. It’s amazing what happens when you are able to escape the Gase of hell. (Brian Westerholt/Associated Press)

Within the Vendetta site community, Adam Gase has been nicknamed “the Gase of Hell.” It’s hard to argue with the nickname. Players who leave Gase get better. Ryan Tannehill and DeVante Parker are two great examples. It’s time to add Robby Anderson to that list who has turned into a superstar with the Panthers.

I’ve always been a Robby Anderson believer, but I didn’t see this coming. Anderson isn’t just a good football player. The former undrafted receiver from Temple is one of the best receivers in the NFL. That’s not hyperbole either.

Anderson has been on fire through five weeks with the Panthers:

  • 490 Receiving Yards (3rd in the NFL).
  • 227 Yards after the catch (1st in the NFL).
  • 2.97 Yards per route run (1st in the NFL).

This is the same Anderson who was a one-trick pony with the Jets. Anderson never crossed the 1,000-yard mark and had a combined 102 receptions in 2018 and 2019. Anderson always had talent. He just had to overcome the Gase of hell.

Anderson is now on pace to crack the 1,500-yard mark in a season! Not only that, he’s doing it with a quarterback (Teddy Bridgewater), who, for the most part, has been reluctant to take deep shots down the field. More so than anything, Anderson finds himself with a stable coaching staff that has found a way to squeeze the most out of his talent.

If you needed another reason to fire Adam Gase, add this one to the list of 872 other reasons. Robby Anderson has turned into a success story. He couldn’t do so with Gase as his head coach.


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