Adam Gase
(Seth Wenig/AP)

Joe Douglas, New York Jets general manager, has confidence in head coach Adam Gase. Yes, that’s right; the GM said Adam Gase is part of the solution.

Adam Gase Might Still be Around

Oh, Lord, have mercy on the New York Jets and their fans. There has been a common consensus swirling here in New York. More of a fear than a consensus. It’s that Gase actually would still be the head coach next season.

However, I always said there is no conceivable way he is back next year. Well, after Douglas’ press conference today, that fear has grown into a full-blown panic. Gase, the man that has this team dead last in every offensive category, the man that has ruined Sam Darnold. Has gotten public reassurance that he is still the man for the job.

Douglas Gave Jets Fans The Worst Words He Could Ever Say

This was a terrible day for the Jets and Jet fans. Douglas did not make a single member of Gang Green feel any better. And it has only increased concern on if Trevor Lawrence wants to come to this clown show.

If I was Lawrence and see Gase is still the coach. I’m not stepping one foot in that door. It’s flat out wrong to say this. Look, I know they won’t throw their coach under the bus while he is still on the team. But, Gase has been so horrendous and a bumbling lunatic. That you cannot under any circumstances outright, say he’s part of the solution.

Douglas Admits He Was an Idiot About Robbie Anderson

Joe Douglas at least was able to admit that he screwed up when he didn’t resign Robbie Anderson. Anderson was Darnold’s favorite target for those who don’t know, had some solid years with the Jets. Douglas didn’t want to sign him because he was asking too much. Well, Anderson went to Carolina and is doing very well with the Panthers. At the same time, Darnold is just trying not to get crushed every week.

Nevertheless, Jets fans may never have their suffering end. It may always be this way. And you know what with leadership and accountability issues like this. How can you argue otherwise?

My advice to Jets fans would be run and hide for a while and come out again when Gase is gone. This franchise will never get its act together until this demon of mediocrity and ineptitude is gone from the New York streets.


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