Dennis Schroder
AP Photo/Alonzo Adams

Dennis Schroder will be heading to Tinsel Town when teams can start trading on Monday. First reported by Adrian Wojnarowski, on Sunday morning.

Dennis Schroder to LA Will Happen.

Woj just couldn’t wait to drop a Woj bomb. Feel like we haven’t had too many of those in 2020. It is also believed that Danny Green is to be involved in this trade.

The Lakers are starting their title defense, and drafting isn’t something LeBron James teams like to do. The Lakers making a trade comes as no surprise. However, the Thunder trading Schroder for the 28th pick in the draft. Now that seems a little low.

Surely they could’ve gotten more for Schroder. However, they still may get some throw in pieces here. As the deal will be finalized on Monday when trading begins.

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Woj Bomb?

Expect more of these trades to be flooding in tomorrow afternoon. As the NBA season starts on December 22nd. Teams will be scrambling to trade, draft, and sign free agents in preparation for the season. This won’t be the only trade made on Monday.

Schroder is a great fit for the Lakers as their guard play was severely lacking in the playoffs last year. Outside of some heroic plays by Rajon Rondo, KCP, and Alex Caruso. The guards struggled.

However, Schroder will immediately make an impact as a third option next to LeBron, and Anthony Davis. This trade means the Lakers rivals the Clippers are on the clock here for improvements.

Watching the Lakers win a championship and the Clippers not making it past the second round. The pressure is on. As for the Thunder, they are looking to build their roster from the ground up, and getting another first-round pick helps.

Keep in mind they still are looking to move Chris Paul. He will give them a very nice return from a team in contention.


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