Colin Cowherd
Colin Cowherd is starting a new business project. The host of The Herd is starting a podcast company called Volume. (Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

Colin Cowherd Starts Podcast Network Called Volume

Colin Cowherd is making a big career move. You know Cowherd for his work on Fox Sports 1 as the host of The Herd. You’re now going to see more of him in the podcasting realm. Cowherd will now be starting up his own podcast network called Volume.

Bloomberg had the story:

As the coronavirus pandemic ravaged the radio industry, Colin Cowherd got a call from IHeartMedia Inc. telling him good news: His show had sold out of advertisements.

Many other radio programs had lost 75% of their ads at a time with no sports and no daily commute, but his show couldn’t find enough slots for all the marketing dollars looking for an outlet.

Sensing an opportunity, Cowherd went to Julie Talbott, who runs IHeart’s Premiere Networks, and proposed a new partnership. He would build up a business that could give them 2,000 more hours of programming, and IHeart would sell the advertising. But rather than host more shows on the radio, he wanted to start a podcasting company.

Now that plan is taking shape. Cowherd, 57, is creating a new podcast network called the Volume, where he’s the owner and biggest star. Cowherd will host a new podcast, which will anchor a network featuring more than half a dozen shows in total, including a basketball series hosted by LaJethro Jenkins and Dragonfly Jonez, and an NFL-focused program with Aqib Talib.

Cowherd is taking a similar approach that Bill Simmons took with The Ringer. That, of course, was later sold to Spotify. If Cowherd’s project takes over, maybe he takes the same approach.

We don’t have the full list of shows for the network. One that was mentioned is that a Chicago radio host Danny Parkins is one of the hosts joining the venture.

Cowherd has been hiding future news for quite some time. We now know what it is. There was a time we thought Cowherd was on the verge of joining Barstool. Instead, it’s starting his own podcasting company.