Odell Beckham
Landon Collins claims that the Giants always thought Odell Beckham was a ‘problem’ (John Kuntz/cleveland.com)

Odell Beckham was traded to the Browns this offseason but I don’t think it shocked many people. Despite the fact that Dave Gettleman lied to all of us, it always felt the like Giants never really loved Beckham internally. Today one former Giant, Landon Collins gave us a little insight on how the Giants really felt about Odell.

“Was I shocked with Odell?” Collins told NJ.com. “No, honestly, not. They felt like he was a problem the whole time. Ever since Odell stepped into the league with them, they felt like he was a problem, I felt like from the outside.”

“We loved him,” Collins said of his teammates. “Odell is my brother. He is not that kind of guy, or what people think he is about or what the organization did. I don’t know why.”

Beckham was involved in a lot of crap in New York. The dog celebration, marrying the goal post, refusing to drink water, the blow and pizza in Paris, and the boat. I’m probably forgetting some too. In fairness to Beckham, the Giants did not do a very good job managing him. There hasn’t been very good accountability with the Giants since Tom Coughlin was running the ship.

It’s weird how the Giants essentially became the Browns and the Browns became the Giants. It’s not often that a Cleveland sports team is robbing a New York team but I guess that happens in 2019. The Giants came out of the Beckham trade with Dexter Lawrence as it’s prized asset. Let’s see how that turns out for them.

Now we’re going to find out if the Browns can manage Beckham. The good news for Cleveland is Beckham should really be motivated after the trade. He also has a much better quarterback with Baker Mayfield. Nobody is worse than Eli Manning. With all the talent that Cleveland has added, it’s hard to think that they won’t win the division. Cleveland has way better players than every other team in the AFC North.