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After Trading Odell Beckham, It’s Clear The Giants Don’t Have A Plan

We learned one thing today after the Odell Beckham trade. The Giants don’t have a plan. They are just making shit up (Noah K. Murray/USA TODAY Sports)

The Odell Beckham trade has shocked the sports world after he was sent to the Browns for Jabril Peppers and draft pick compensation. People have been ripping the Giants for trading Beckham. I get it. Fans don’t want to see a top talent wide receiver walk out the door for draft picks. I get it. However, the Giants aren’t been ripped for the right reasons. They should be getting blasted for not having a plan.

It’s clear that whoever is making the decisions in New York has no F*cking idea what he’s doing. Let’s stop right at the top. Eli Manning hasn’t been able to play for 5 years. He threw 18 touchdowns and 27 interceptions. Yeah, that was 5 years ago. Now that guy is decrepit and a total statue in the pocket. The Giants had a chance to draft the future in Sam Darnold.

Sure, Sam Darnold had an up and down rookie year, but if you don’t see the talent, I can’t help you. Darnold was the youngest quarterback in football a year ago and started to really heat up starting in week 10. Darnold completed 66 percent of his throws for 6 touchdowns and 1 interception. He was also playing behind a bottom 5 offensive line, horrendous play caller, and virtually no weapons outside of one trick pony Robby Anderson. Take the L Giant fans, passing on Darnold was a huge mistake.

Odell Beckham
The Giants couldn’t have less of an idea what they’re doing. John Mara just has a stupid face on constantly (Brad Penner/USA Today)

Instead, the Giants drafted Saquon Barkley. The Penn State back had a great year. He averaged 5 yards per carry and rushed for 1,307 yards. He even caught 91 balls. Great. Doesn’t matter. They still passed on what ended up being the best running back in the draft. The Giants could have had Nick Chubb in round 2. They passed on him. Chubb was better than Barkley as a rookie. He rushed for 5.2 yards per carry. I don’t love PFF’s data but Chubb graded as the best running back in football in 2018. That f*cker is nasty. He was nasty at Georgia. He just suffered an injury that took him time to recover from in college. He also doesn’t mess around like Barkley does. No negative runs from Chubb. He hits the hole hard and kills people. Barkley runs like a 180 pound back. The Giants are a hell of a lot better today with Darnold and Chubb instead of Barkley and Will Hernandez. That’s a fact.

The Giants also messed up the Odell Beckham trade. They waited way too long to deal him. If you’re going to make that move, trade him before the contract extension. Instead, they ate a shit ton of dead money for Beckham to play against them. It’s idiotic. Prior to the mega extension, the Giants could have gotten way more than what they did. They also clearly don’t pay attention. If they think Jabril Peppers is going to replace Landon Collins, the Giants are on drugs.

Let’s say I was in charge of trading Beckham. No and, ifs, or buts. He has to go. The Giants should have been creative. Request Nick Chubb in the Beckham deal. Are the Browns really going to haggle over Chubb after they just signed Kareem Hunt? Even if you take away the third and put Chubb in the deal and take a 5th instead. That has to happen, or the Browns don’t get him. Peppers is worthless.

After you get Chubb, you put Barkley on the block. Get a shit ton for him. The Giants will never win with Eli Manning and a talented running back. Not going to happen. Move Barkley to the highest bidder. Having a talented running back on a bad team (especially the way Barkley likes to run) he’s worthless. That’s just me.

The problem is the Giants have no plan. They lost their minds about Eli Manning. They botched the Beckham deal from a timing standpoint. They poured all their resources in a running back instead of building a sustainable winner for the future. This is just a poorly run franchise. Pray for your local Giants fan. It’s going to be awhile before they win again.

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