Darrell Henderson
The Rams believe they have their own version of Alvin Kamara with Darrell Henderson (Brian Spurlock/USA TODAY Sports)

When the Rams drafted Darrell Henderson, it raised some eyebrows. Is Todd Gurley more hurt than what we are led on to believe? Maybe, maybe not. The fact is that the Rams actually believe that Henderson was too good to pass on. Los Angeles has an interesting comp for Henderson. If they are right, Henderson will be the steal of the draft.

“The Memphis guy gives us a Kamara element,” Snead said. “We’ll play against him and you’ll feel it.”

“We’d identified him as a guy that has a specific skill set, that really can do some unique things for us offensively,” McVay said. “He was one of those guys that stood out for us, so we’re excited about getting him here.”

I absolutely love Darrell Henderson. I wrote an article before the draft about how Henderson could be the diamond in the rough in this odd running back class. Henderson averaged a crazy 8.9 yards per carry in 2018 with Memphis. Henderson had 214 carries for 1,909 yards in 2018. He’s a really talented player.

If Henderson can be the Rams version of Alvin Kamara, he will need to catch like him. The Memphis back did show off that ability at times catching 19 passes for 295 yards, a 15.5-yard average. That still doesn’t come close to what Kamara does in the passing game for the Saints. Henderson does have past playing time returning kicks so he does have that explosion for a 225 pound back.

The Rams have an interesting team outlook in 2019. The rest of the division is way better. The Rams added some pieces but have a target on their back after reaching the Super Bowl. Henderson is one important piece and he will need to replace CJ Anderson’s production.