Odell Beckham
Breaking News! Odell Beckham hates drinking water (Andrew Mills/NJ Advance Media)

Food, water, and shelter. Those are the three things that people need to survive. Of the three water is probably the most important. You can go weeks without food. As awful as it sounds you could technically survive without living in a house or apartment. But water… anything more than 8 hours without water and I physically feel ill. Nothing was worse than the days of dehydrating myself as a wrestler to make weight.

Then we have the beloved Odell Beckham. Odell is a curious human being. Coming from a guy that proposes to goal posts, head butts fans, etc, etc – who would have known that Odell hates water.

“I really don’t like water,” he said. “I’m trying. I really just don’t like it. You get that stomach feeling — it’s all slushy. I’m trying to just stay hydrated. Sometimes I gotta get an IV, it’s just necessary. If you’re cramping in both calves it’s hard to run and make cuts.”

There are too many thoughts rolling around in my brain. You can’t make this stuff up. Somewhere Bobby Boucher is screaming inside. Do you think Odell is just trying to troll us? I defended Kyrie Irving for the flat earth comments because of the message behind but this one is indefensible. I have watched this video at least 100 times and can’t stop laughing. This is why Odell is a star.

Odell Beckham Claims The Giants Have No Heart

“That’s news to me, yeah,” Pat Shurmur said. “I mean, listen, Odell and I and the players talk about a lot of things. We don’t talk about our like and dislike for water.”

I love the tactic by Odell. He is winning me over. After bashing Eli Manning, I didn’t know things could get better. This is the perfect F*ck you to Giants owner John Mara. John Mara knew who Odell was before he gave him $90 million and now Odell will give us more and more headlines. What a day to be alive.