Keelan Doss
Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Keelan Doss. What a great story. The hometown kid. Keelan Doss was a, no, THE Hard Knocks Star this season. Keelan Doss went to high school at Alameda High, then went to UC Davis, only an hour away from his hometown, Oakland CA. It seems that his career might have been over after Doss went undrafted, luckily though, he was signed to the preseason roster for the Oakland Raiders. 

First Preseason Game

In Hard Knocks, he seemed like a guy on the bubble and had a slow start in practice. Dropping balls and bad routes, and Jon Gruden was already tearing into him. In the first preseason game against the Los Angeles Rams, in his hometown of Oakland. Keelan Doss was targeted 3 times that game. He had 2 receptions, one for a TD. Ever since that, there seemed to be a fire burning inside him. After that, he was the one people wanted to know. He started catching EVERYTHING, and Gruden was noticing. 

Second Preseason Game

In his second game against the Arizona Cardinals, he had 5 receptions for 38 receiving yards and caught all of his targets. He started building a rapport with 3rd string QB, Nathan Peterman, once again, turning more heads at camp and becoming the main protagonist in Hard Knocks.rd Preseason Game

Third Preseason Game

In the third preseason game, the Raiders played the Green Bay Packers. He only missed 1 of his 5 targets, totaling 4 receptions for 51 yards, including an impeccable toe tap grab. This is Nathan Peterman’s favorite target, this is his to go guy. On Hard Knocks, it doesn’t matter if other plays had more yards or more receptions, they were always showing Keelan Doss if they could.

Fourth Preseason Game

In the last preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks, Keelan Doss is still on the bubble, not because he’s not playing well, but just because there’s enough WRs on the team for the Raiders. He had 12 targets but only had 6 receptions for 63 yards. This could be because of the rain, but he had the stats to push for the last WR spot. Hopes were high for Keelan Doss, Raiders fans, and everyone that was watching and likes a good story.

Keelan Doss Cut???

Then, the Raiders cut him. I WAS HEATED. I loved this guy, it was a great story and with the AB drama (the lighter stuff) with his feet and helmet, Doss was a good way to offset that. The Raiders did have enough WRs though, they had AB, Tyrell Williams, Hunter Renfrow, Ryan Grant, JJ Nelson, and return specialist Dwayne Harris. It’s unorthodox for teams to have 7 WRs. So the move wasn’t all that surprising, but he was the fan favorite.

Keelan Doss Signed

Well then, of course, you know about the Antonio Brown situation, unless you’re a modern Helen Keller. He’s gone and on the New England Patriots now, so let’s just not dive into that again. ALL I’M SAYING IS AB– Alex, stay focus, this is about Keelan Doss. Anyway, a WR spot opened up mysteriously and the Raiders TRIED to sign Doss. He rejected, and I don’t blame him. He played his ass out and was cut, and now he’s a second thought? Hell nah, I’d be petty too. The Raiders sweetened the deal by offering a 300k signing bonus, even I’m not that petty to turn that down. The Hometown kid is back. Hopefully, for a long time, it’s a good story, and he’s a great player. The Lord knows that the Raiders need some good publicity right now. Let’s see if Doss makes more of a name for himself.