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Justin Jefferson

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The Justin Jefferson Mob Has Missed The Point

Justin Jefferson
The Justin Jefferson mob has missed the point. It’s an angry mob that needs to be held accountable. (Getty/David Berding)

The Justin Jefferson Mob Has Missed The Point

Nobody has respect anymore. It’s okay. That’s why we have chosen the path of darkness. I know the truth and it’s a bad flaw in humans. I hate people for a lot of reasons but the lack of pride and dignity that most humans show is just so sad. The Justin Jefferson mob has missed the point and shame on them.

Prior to the 2022 NFL Season, the Justin Jefferson people were starting to become ignorant. Don’t get me wrong, he’s awesome. I don’t dislike the guy in any possible way. In fact, those who have been reading this site know that I was higher on Jefferson than any other draft analyst you can find. I just think his fan base has a raging boner and they need to put it back in their pants.

To the NFL public, Jefferson is a god and everyone else is just really good. NBC Sports even put out a post saying Justin Jefferson was a real MVP candidate. In the year of 2022-23, it’s going to take a god level performance from another position ever to steal the award from a quarterback. Keep in mind, a wide receiver has never won the MVP award. Never. The crazy thing is, everyone seemed to agree with that notion. Jefferson was the WR1 and you were a leper for suggesting someone could be better than him in any aspect.

Sometimes you have to stand up for injustice. At what point did this conversation become ridiculous? My personal opinion is Ja’Marr Chase is the best receiver in the NFL and Davante Adams was my pick to be the WR1 in fantasy football. How could I possibly not pick Jefferson to be the leader of both categories? How dare I? For even suggesting that Jefferson wasn’t going to finish as WR1, I was attacked on Twitter.

Was it necessary for me to be personally attacked like that? For simply suggesting that I believed Jefferson wouldn’t finish first? The Jefferson people were so horny that they somehow talked themselves into Kirk Cousins being better than Joe Burrow. At some point, somebody needed to say something so I’ll gladly be the bad guy. When we have hoards of people saying Cousins is better than Burrow, it’s time for these Vikings people to get a reality check. They’re about to get one real soon anyway come playoff time.

I take great pride in what I do. I was told by my entire family to go be a gym teacher. I was told I wouldn’t get anywhere taking up sports because I didn’t have the right connections so why even try? I’m only here because I’m damn good at what I do. If the Monstars challenged society to a game of any kind, you would bet on me to beat them in fantasy. I called my shot and it happened. Davante Adams finished the season as WR1. If you go read any of my fantasy hockey blogs from earlier this year, we know that Sean Allen is in big trouble too. I demand my respect and I’m tired of never getting it.

In the most predictable turn of events of all-time, the haters refused to apologize. Instead, they doubled down. More so than anything, I continue to be disappointed in society. Nobody is willing to put their hand up in the air and admit they were wrong. Instead, they run and hide while continuing to spread hateful words while taking zero accountability. It’s a world that’s gotten Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless loaded. People who are right get no credit. People who are always wrong, are constantly shared. Who’s really the bad guy?

A: People like Aarav can tell you that Jefferson was first according to certain scoring formats. He is in his right to do so. However, I would argue that Aarav is an employee of Vendetta Sports. This company uses the scoring system that had Adams as the top guy.

Justin Jefferson

Additionally, Aarav is in the Vendetta fantasy league. A league where he has access to the scoring. A league where through 17 weeks he never complained once about the scoring. If there was an issue with the scoring, why didn’t someone say anything all year? Matthew Berry wouldn’t use ESPN scoring now that he works at NBC, would he? These are the rules I’ve always catered the product to. I would expect any employee that works here to do the same, not?

I had a really good fantasy year, by the way. I won that Vendetta League and was the most dominant team all year.

B: I’ve been very transparent about why we don’t use certain scoring systems. I do not cater my product to snake drafts or PPR scoring. When we have more resources and actually start producing more sitewide fantasy content, the rules we used in the league that Aarav participated in and had no problem with this year… are the ones we will keep using. I’m not saying other personalities here can’t provide additional analysis on other scoring formats. However, as the leader of this brand we’re all trying to create, this is the system that we have been using and will continue to use until I have a real argument for why the scoring should be different.

C: I do not participate in amateur-hour fantasy leagues like the ones Aarav advocates for. Touchdowns are premium scoring because that’s what matters. Shouldn’t you get extra points for being the guy who actually scored the touchdown? Why should someone get a point for a catch when the quarterback doesn’t get one for completing the pass? No points for carries? It’s the same thing as a catch. What you do for scoring a catch is register every single time the receiver goes into the box score. Why don’t you do that for quarterbacks and running backs? Because some sheep made it up and everyone decided to copy it? I am no sheep. My fantasy league is so complex that I already have Caleb Williams and Marvin Harrison on my team because those were my rookie picks last year. How do those picks look right now?

Again, I’m really good at this. I’ve been doing this since I was six. There isn’t anything that Northwestern education that can teach him what I can about fantasy football.

D: The entire point of this was proving that Jefferson is indeed human. Jefferson is great but so is Davante Adams. Most fantasy “experts” had Adams ranked as WR5 prior to the season. To me, that way too low. They acted like he was multiple tiers below their god. It shouldn’t matter if Adams or anyone else outscored him in any format. The fact that it happened should be enough to get these idiots off their high horse. Jefferson is awesome but so are a lot of other guys.

In conclusion, an individual that works at this company is mad that a guy I predicted would finish the year first in a scoring system he uses while employed actually did finish first. Then doubled down and tried to mansplain to me how I’m wrong. Does that sound about right? I’m owed an apology and shame on those people that haven’t. Don’t worry, I won’t get one. It’s just a lot of fake humans running around having zero accountability. Sad…

Some additional side notes that should be briefly mentioned.

  • Jefferson says Adams is the best receiver in the league. His words, not mine.
  • This happened this weekend. 99% of the league gets kicked out of the game if they do this. Jefferson somehow has special privileges. I don’t know why these things happen but he’s protected by the Twitter mob and the league I guess too.

It is illegal to make contact with an official. Jefferson was not ejected and did not receive a flag on this play. This is how his mob operates. He can do no wrong.

This also happened this week.

Your god got hit with his own celebration while being punked by Jaire Alexander.

Again, it’s crazy that I’m even forced to do this. Jefferson is a fantastic player but can we please stop pretending he is a god human that is above the rules?


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