Fantasy Football Friday
Introducing Fantasy Football Friday. Are you a grown-up or a child? Do you like chess or checkers? Here’s why snake drafts suck. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

We have a new weekly segment coming to the site. Fantasy Football Friday. I’m going to start off the series with something everybody should live by. I will never do another snake style draft again. You shouldn’t either. I’m going to explain why snake drafts suck. Only real men do auction drafts.

Fantasy is a lot like chess and checkers. Kids or people just learning how to do fantasy, snake drafts are fine. Anybody that actually considers themselves a fantasy expert that does snake drafts, should be ashamed of themself. Time for the rest of you to buckle up and play chess. Are you a grown-up or a 5-year-old? Then act like one.

I’ll use my league as an example. Our league operates like the NFL would. You have a rookie draft of college players or first year guys entering the NFL. Then you have an auction for players already in the NFL. For keeper league formats, everybody has different rules. We have 1,2, and 3 years contracts. Snake drafts is not how the NFL works. Example: You think the Saints just pick Teddy Bridgewater in the draft or they spend money for him in free agency? That’s what Auctions are designed to do.

No more are the days where you pick 10th and the top players are off the board. You no longer have to figure out who’s available in round 3 and are forced to follow ESPN rankings. Nothing is worse than watching that guy who basically auto drafts. You control your own destiny in auction drafts. You want Julio Jones, Michael Thomas, and DeAndre Hopkins on the same team? You can do it. Not to mention it also prevents cheating. You have to fit all trades under the cap.

Auction drafts are for smart minded people. How can you manage the cap? Which players will you specifically target? How can you change your strategy on a dime when the bidding gets out of control? Did you overspend or underspend and it killed your draft? Get out of the kitchen if you can’t handle the heat. Go be a 5-year-old and do snake drafts. Auction drafts are for real experts.