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Josh Allen

Adrian Kraus/Associated Press

Josh Allen Is An Awesome Fantasy QB

Josh Allen
Adrian Kraus/Associated Press

I’m not sure why people hate on Josh Allen so much. He isn’t a terrible QB and he has improved. Hell, he made a huge improvement just from last year. I’m not even talking about fantasy, but in fantasy he was stupendous. You wouldn’t believe me if I didn’t tell you but Allen was SIXTH of all fantasy QBs in the 2019 season. Bet you didn’t expect that.

Josh Allen 2019

I’ve been preaching this for a while now, but, TOUCHDOWNS WIN FANTASY LEAGUES. If you’re wondering how Josh Allen was 6th in fantasy, it was because of TDs. While he was only 22nd in passing TDs with 20, he was FIRST in rushing TDs for QBs with 9. Yes, that includes two more rushing TDs than MVP Lamar Jackson. With 29 TDs total, he was 6th in total TDs for the league. He was 6th in TDs and was 6th in total fantasy points for QBs, HMMMMMMM. While not to be relied on, he had 500 rushing yards as well. This helped make up for the lackluster of only 3,000 yards thrown this past year.

This year, Josh Allen has a new, shiny weapon in Stefon Diggs, signaling that the Bills are all-in on Allen. He doesn’t only have then-rookie John Brown to rely on this season. This should help his passing yards and passing TDs no doubt. His rushing yards and TDs will take a dip, but if he can make up for it with his numbers for passing, he’ll do just fine.

Final Assessment

Even though I am raving about Josh Allen, I just can’t make myself put him in the top 5. That seems like that is past his ceiling. However, I will say that Josh Allen should NOT be slept on at all. He will put up better numbers this season for passing and his rushing numbers shouldn’t dip too much. He is no doubt a QB1. Your casual fantasy friends will laugh at this statement but take advantage and get yourself a stud. You might like other QBs over Josh Allen which is fair, but if you can somehow get him as a QB2, I think you’ll win your fantasy league no doubt.


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