Robert Woods
Rob Carr/Getty Images

Much like Cooper Kupp, who is going to be even more valuable in 2020, Robert Woods will be better this season too. Robert Woods was a solid receiver on the Rams, emerging as the clear #2 option for Jared Goff. Behind Cooper Kupp and ahead of now Texans’ WR Brandin Cooks. With Cooks gone, I can only see Robert Woods having a better year and making a jump to be a top 10 fantasy WR this year.

Robert Woods 2019

In the 2019 NFL season, Robert Woods was solid. He was the 14th best fantasy WR in PPR leagues. He had 90 receptions and over 1,000 yards. He actually had more 4 more targets than Cooper Kupp but 4 fewer receptions. With Cooks gone, that is technically 72 more targets both of them could have had. In PPR leagues, those are some valuable points. Throw in the fact that Woods did miss a game last year, he might have been top 10. So, what was the biggest difference between Woods and Kupp? Touchdowns. Cooper Kupp had 10 and Woods had a measly 2 TDs. That’s not entirely his fault, he was still 3rd on the team for receiving TDs. I put that more on Goff. He needs to get the ball in the endzone more and now Robert Woods has more of a chance to do that.

Final Assessment

If Robert Woods is to be a top 10 fantasy WR, he needs to get some more touchdowns. While he was the 14th best fantasy WR last season, he was only 15-20 points away from being in the top 10. Maybe, he scores that in the game he missed last year, who knows? What I do know is that with Brandin Cooks gone, Woods should have an even better season in fantasy. He’ll get more TDs and more targets for sure. If he’s lucky he will get even more receptions and yards. This will all help him be a top 10 fantasy WR this year. Don’t sleep.