Jamal Adams
The New York Jets should trade Jamal Adams. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze and they’re better off cashing in on a trade for high draft picks. (Mark Brown/Getty Images)

It’s been reported that the Jets and Jamal Adams are in a stalemate about a potential contract extension. I have a better idea. Trade his ass, simple as that. Look, there’s no question Adams is a fantastic player. I can also argue the fact that Adams isn’t a very valuable player. The hype around Adams is way bigger than his actual performance. If the Jets can get a haul back, I would trade Adams in a heartbeat.

I hate to use this as an example but if you watched my Jets Madden 20 series, then you know what Adams is. The former LSU safety is great in the run game and can force fumbles. Adams is a sure tackler and can drop the hammer. 6.5 sacks for a safety is fantastic. He’s not the best cover guy. It’s just a fact.

In 3 NFL seasons over 46 starts, Adams has 2 interceptions. TWO. We’re talking about one of the best in the business with TWO career picks. Sorry, it’s not good enough. A year ago, Adams broke up just 7 passes all season. I know what CJ Mosley brings to the table. When he got hurt last year, the Jets defense fell apart.

I don’t know how valuable Jamal Adams is. It’s not like he was the glue to a great secondary because that unit outside of Brian Poole got torched all season. I would take my chances rather than hand out a mega contract. Adams is a player that would fetch some high draft picks. Give me that all day. The juice probably isn’t worth the squeeze with Adams. Oh… and he’s a big time idiot. Move on, Jets.