CJ Mosley
CJ Mosley is worth every penny for the New York Jets. He might be the most important defensive player in the NFL #JETS (Vincent Carchietta/USA TODAY Sports (Vincent Carchietta)

A lot of people cringed when the Jets handed CJ Mosley an $85 million contract in free agency. Not me. In my opinion, Mosley legitimized the Jets defense. It was a unit that needed him. It hasn’t taken long for that opinion to get confirmed. CJ Mosley is worth every penny for the Jets and he just might be New York’s most important player.

Mosley is the leader for this Jets defense. When he was on the field in Week one, this Jets defense looked ferocious. The Jets were firing on all cylinders and looked like a legit playoff contender. That’s when things went to hell. After building a 16-0 lead, Mosley suffered a groin injury and left the game. It was at the moment when the Jets lost. Buffalo would go on a 17-0 run to close the game and steal a win.

  • With Mosley on the field: 9 series, 45 plays, 214 net yards, 3 points allowed.
  • Without him: 3 series, 19 plays, 170 yards, 14 points.

The numbers speak for themselves. With Mosley on the field, this Jets defense was elite. Without him, they sucked. It’s not surprising. Mosley was the most important defensive piece on the Ravens too. He made the defense click. I don’t care what any of the defensive metrics have to say. In his debut with the Jets, Mosley recovered a fumble, returned an interception for a touchdown, and batted two passes. That came in basically a half of a game. CJ Mosley is a monster.

Mosley is always around the ball. It’s not an accident that he has 10 interceptions in 78 career games. CJ Mosley isn’t just the most important Jets defender. He might be the single most valuable defensive player in the entire league. If the Jets are going to make the playoffs, Mosley will have to continue to be a rockstar for this defense.

The Jets are set to square off against the Browns on Monday Night Football in Week 2. It’s a loser goes home game as both teams are 0-1. Mosley will be tasked with slowing down the Browns offense led by Baker Mayfield. I don’t think Mosley is too concerned. The last time Mosley faced Baker, he did this to him.

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