Kyle Trask
Kyle Trask has long way to go to become legit NFL prospect. Let’s pump the breaks on the Florida quarterback who has a lot of work to do. (Gator Country photo by David Bowie)

Recently, the Senior Bowl director put out the watch list for next year’s event. The quarterback list is… well… something.

Don’t ask me why they’re even studying Trevor Lawrence. It’s not like he’s going back to school. Whatever, that’s not the point. One name sticks out like a sore thumb, Kyle Trask. It’s not like Trask doesn’t belong. I’ve seen a lot of bad quarterbacks at the Senior Bowl. I was just surprised because he has A LOT of work to do to become a legit NFL prospect.

Task actually has some interesting tools. I think he has a decent arm and comes in at around 6-foot-5. The Florida signal caller isn’t super mobile but it’s not like he can’t move. Those things are more than fine.

What needs work is the actual quarterback stuff. When I watched Trask play, he didn’t have an ability to play fast. The game looked too fast and he struggled to make decisions. I wouldn’t say he’s necessarily inaccurate, but he really never made those splash throws down the field for you to find out.

You either have it or you don’t. Can you see the field or not. I don’t think Trask has it. Last year, he had an average depth of target of 8.6 yards. Not yards per attempt. 8.6 depth of throw per target. The Georgia game in particular stood out. Trask had a chance to really throw darts down the field and get his team back in it. There was never a chance. There was no excuse either because Florida had a ton of quality weapons this year.

I’m not saying Trask can’t find a way to work his way into the mix. Who saw Joe Burrow coming? You can see how raw Trask looks when watching him and there’s no doubt he way better than Felipe Franks. The Gators quarterback has a shot to become draftable and maybe even a decent pick. This past year was the first year he was a full time starter since his freshman year of high school. Trask needs to get better at the quarterback stuff and has a long way to go. The 2020 season is a big one for Kyle Trask.