Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman calls out former teammates complaining at The Last Dance saying they are mentally weak. Amen, Dennis, it’s why you’re the best. (AP Photo/Beth A. Keiser)

I love Dennis Rodman. Forever my favorite NBA player ever. The Last Dance I thought only confirmed my childhood memories. Rodman is and was the man. Now he’s surfaced with an all-time comment and one his former Chicago Bulls teammates should take to heart. Horace Grant and Scottie Pippen have complained about the documentary. Rodman essentially came out and said they are mentally weak. AMEN.

“The players were a little upset because they felt Michael was throwing them under the bus. ‘You guys wasn’t [sic] doing what I want you to do, I’m the greatest, I’m determined to win no matter what,’” Rodman said on the “Good Morning Britain” program, according to the Mirror. “The next thing you know, Michael starts to talking [sic] about the whole team … the teammates I played with.

“Mentally, I don’t think they were strong enough to handle that, because Phil Jackson is a laid-back coach. Michael is more like, ‘I’m going to do it, watch me be famous.’ I didn’t care because I was already famous,” Rodman added.

Thank you, Dennis again for everything you do. Somebody had to say it other than MJ. Hey, Horace and Scottie (more so Scottie) shut up you cowards. Pippen has no reason to be mad. Nobody forced him to sit out of the Knicks playoff game with 1.8 seconds left. Nobody forced him to double down and say he wouldn’t change it. Nobody forced him to pull the I’ll heal on company timeline and no fuck up his summer. Pippen looks like an unreliable asshole because that’s exactly what he is. Dennis Rodman is only saying the truth here.