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Jeff Nadu: The Rico Bosco Replacement For Barstool Pick Em?

Jeff Nadu

Will Jeff Nadu Pull Off The Ultimate Troll Job?

Jeff Nadu could be at the heart of a major shakeup at Barstool Sports. With Rico Bosco officially out of Barstool Sports, someone is gonna have to take up the mantle at the Pick Em Show. And why not Nadu? Yes, Rico and Nadu do hate each other. Bringing him in could certainly create some hard feelings between Bosco and Barstool. But Dave Portnoy has a big decision on his hands. Trey Daubert has already outlined several candidates to take up Pick Em, and Nadu is certainly on that list. While there are a handful of reasons why he won’t be there, you must admit that anything is possible. Here is what Trey thought about the potential hire:

“If Portnoy wants to go for the real troll job, Jeff Nadu will be the choice. He’s also a pretty good gambler and is going to increase the odds that the Pick Em Parlay hits every week. At the same breathe, would Portnoy want him on the show if Rico had nothing to do with it? I’m going to guess no. Nadu also does his own college football show at Barstool that could easily disappear. He’s already been booted from the college basketball show so he’s got some time to pick this one up.”


What’s Next?

There is certainly a lot of turmoil to digest. Rumors are swirling that Rico Bosco could be moving to Audacy, the parent company of New York radio powerhouse WFAN. Based on Portnoy’s tweets, it appears that Bosco left the company in a somewhat amicable if surprising manner. As of right now, from the man himself, this is all he had to say:

Right now everyone seems to be on good terms. However, how long could that really be for? Many have seen Nadu’s infamous tweet of Dave Portnoy looking absolutely kerfuffled during a Barstool company meeting. Will he look to make Bosco regret it? As Trey alluded to, Nadu does have some considerable gambling experience. Some would call it a move out of left field but no one really knows what is going on behind closed doors at this time. Does Portnoy want to make Bosco regret his decision? Or does he want the show to stay afloat? Probably both. Regardless, we will probably be seeing a lot more of Jeff Nadu on camera at Barstool, whether on Pick Em or elsewhere.

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