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Barstool Pick Em: Who Will Replace Rico Bosco?

Barstool Pick Em

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Barstool Pick Em
Who will replace Rico Bosco on the Barstool Pick Em podcast? Check out all of the candidates Barstool could consider! (Barstool Image)

Barstool Pick Em: Who Will Replace Rico Bosco?

This time it doesn’t appear to be a troll job. It really is the last dance. Rico Bosco is leaving Barstool Sports after three presidencies. Now that the news is officially official, it’s time to start thinking about the future. When it comes to the Barstool Pick Em show, who will take Rico’s spot on the show? That’s the million-dollar question.

There is also a chance that the Pick Em show dies. Without Rico, maybe there is no show. Dave Portnoy is already doing this weird dance between not trying and refusing to retire. Portnoy has stopped doing the DPS show and he’s essentially been a no-show on Barstool Sports Advisors for 90% of the season. Again, there are no guarantees this show continues.

Given the fact that Barstool already does a college football show with Portnoy, Big Cat, Kayce Smith, and Brandon Walker… maybe they will cut the show entirely. However, for fans that want to remain positive, we’ll do our best to try to project who the eventual Rico Bosco replacement might be.

Revolving Door?

Barstool could go with the platoon method as the next third guest. Have a rotating wheel of people to see which current employee fits best. It could create the opportunity for weird guests and maybe find lightning in a bottle.

Maybe rocks for brains Doogs nails it one week? Maybe PFT fills in for a week to spark some entertainment in an expanded Pardon My Take style show? It’s one idea the company could consider to make sure they find the right host in the future.

Stu Feiner:

Stu Feiner should clearly be the number one choice. The view numbers the Advisors show does isn’t by accident. Stu is an electric factory and is the one weird brain they have to replace Rico’s weird brain. You’re never going to fully replace Rico but Stu is as close as you’re going to get.

Stu is already in the building every week to talk NFL. Can you expand it so that he talks about college as well? Give the man a nice raise. He deserves it. This is easily Barstool’s best option. However, at the same token, it’s fair to question if there will be too much overlapping content given Stu is already thriving in his role.

Megan Makin Money / Kelly In Vegas

Could Megan Makin Money or Kelly In Vegas be the next host? Not sure this works either. Portnoy and Big Cat need someone that they can pick on in the third chair. That’s the crux of the show. Can they have that same dynamic with either of these two in that chair? I’d argue no. I think Portnoy is well aware he couldn’t say the same things to either woman that he did to Rico. Megan or Kelly would most likely transform into a host and create another Kayce situation. Can’t see how it works.

Ben Mintz

Mintz is an option as a die-hard Ole Miss fan. However, we know he’s a bit of an airhead. Is this someone that you want to listen to for 15 weeks? Portnoy can barely stand the guy as it is. Mintz is essentially a cartoon character roaming around. Plus, his best contribution would be trolling Brandon Walker. As it stands right now, Walker has zero part of the Pick Em show so I can’t see how this fit makes sense.

Big Ev

This one wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world. Big Ev has proven to be a pretty good gambler at the company and could use more air time. The dynamic of Ev being an Ohio State fan also creates a back-and-forth with Portnoy that could provide some entertainment value. You would have to figure out what to do with Ev when it comes to the other college football show since he’s a pretty good hype man when they do on-campus events. Do you relinquish that role? It’s not the worst idea in the world but I’m not sure it’s a home run either.

Big Tennessee

Why not replace Rico with the guy he threw a water bottle at? Now that’s a thought! Does Big T have the personality to step in for Rico? That’s probably a no. Little soft-spoken and unlikely to ever get any of those blow-ups that Rico provided in the past.

Jeff Nadu

If Portnoy wants to go for the real troll job, Jeff Nadu will be the choice. He’s also a pretty good gambler and is going to increase the odds that the Pick Em Parlay hits every week. At the same breathe, would Portnoy want him on the show if Rico had nothing to do with it? I’m going to guess no. Nadu also does his own college football show at Barstool that could easily disappear. He’s already been booted from the college basketball show so he’s got some time to pick this one up.

Jersey Jerry

Jersey Jerry held his own on the Advisors show and has proven that he can take the punches from the vets at the company. He’s an easy person to root for given his background as a recovering addict. Jersey Jerry is a funny, easy-going guy that would fit right in. It’s unclear if he knows anything about college football, but this is an avenue Barstool should explore.

Outside Hire?

Obviously, a number of ways this could go. Do they beg Blackjack Fletcher to come back? Could they pursue a former collegiate athlete to bring to the airways? Can they find another crazy guy off the street that can replicate what Rico brought to the table? I’m not sure there is a real internal option that can fully replace Rico’s dynamic for the show. An outside hire is something that likely will be pursued, of course, IF they keep the show alive.


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