James Robinson
Is James Robinson becoming one of the most underrated running backs in fantasy? Somehow, Robinson feels like a better buy after Jacksonville selected Travis Etienne. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Is James Robinson An Underrated Fantasy Running Back?

Are you buying the James Robinson fantasy hype train? Most people probably jumped off after Jacksonville selected Travis Etienne in the first round. Frankly, I don’t blame you. However, if you have been following the bread crumbs around Jacksonville, Robinson now appears to be a great buy low in fantasy leagues.

Robinson could easily become one of the most underrated fantasy running backs this year and moving forward. The former 6th round pick out of Illinois State was a revelation as a rookie. Robinson averaged 4.5 yards per carry as a rookie rushing for 1,070 yards and seven touchdowns. Realistically, Jacksonville has no reason to take him out of the starter role.

Of course, you would think the selection of Etienne changes things. The coach speak around Jacksonville continues to suggest Robinson is the guy. Etienne is nothing more than a gadget player. You can tell me that Urban Meyer is be fugacious but that doesn’t appear to be his personality.

Every single report that comes out of Jacksonville continues to reiterate the same thing. Robinson is the starter and will take on essentially all of the goal line work. Etienne is a third down back and will catch some passes. Those are not my words. Follow the bread crumbs. Do your homework.

If you really track this, you can start to buy this methodology. Whether you agree or disagree, it’s clear Meyer had a clear role in mind. He wanted a gadget guy for this offseason. Reports have surfaced that Jacksonville was “heartbroken” when Kadarius Toney was taken in front of them. It very much appears the Jags had their hearts set on Toney and decided in a panic move to turn Etienne into that type of player.

Robinson could easily be in line to repeat his 240 carry pass from his rookie year. In a weird way, it’s created a great buy low opportunity for Robinson. This isn’t the same situation but if you take the Colts backfield, it feels a lot like it. Robinson is the bell cow or Jonathan Taylor for this offense. Etienne is probably the Nyheim Hines. I know which one I want in fantasy.

Immediately after the draft, I would have told you to panic sell on Robinson for fantasy. That’s no longer the case. He’s going to get his touches in an improved offense with a real quarterback. Somehow, James Robinson has become one of the most underrated fantasy running backs to monitor despite the fact that it feels like the Jaguars drafted his replacement. That’s fantasy for you.

Side note: Don’t care what anybody says. That bum from Clemson stinks. You don’t want that guy anyway.