Dennis Eckersley
Dennis Eckersley is the most underrated broadcaster in baseball. Eckersley’s vocabulary keeps the telecast interesting on NESN every time he calls a game. (Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

Dennis Eckersley Is The Most Underrated MLB Broadcaster

Dennis Eckersley was a fantastic baseball player but he somehow might even be a better broadcaster. Baseball may be boring to some but Eck is doing his best to keep the game interesting. The Red Sox are one of the premier franchises in baseball but Eckersley isn’t getting enough credit for making their games fascinating.

I’ll be the first to admit; I’m a Red Sox homer. Not a fan boy but I try to watch 140 of their games when Boston is competitive. I love when Eck calls the game. You would think for an old timer, Eckersley might be boring but his commentary is unlike any other.

More so than anything, Eck sounds like a real person. That’s a good way of saying he sounds like me except with different vocabulary. That’s what keeps the game interesting. Below

  • Salad = low velocity pitches
  • Hair = Fastball with late movement
  • Bridge = home run
  • The Yacker = 12-6 curveball
  • Gas Masterson = Pitcher who throws heat
  • Educated Cheese = Well placed fastball
  • Effortless Cheese = Effortless fastball
  • Paint = Edges of the strike zone
  • Branch Work = Pitcher who gets in trouble frequently
  • Slam Johnson = Grand Slam
  • Just To Stay In Shape = Player who does something often
  • Lamb = Shitty hitter
  • Pair of Shoes = Strike out looking

I tried my best to track all of them but this is what keeps the game interesting. Red Sox fans bitch all the time about losing Don Orsillo. In reality, Dennis Eckersley is the star of the show. Dave O’Brien does a fine job leading the broadcast on NESN. It’s Eck’s vocab that you can’t replace.

Players have gone at Eck in the past but there’s one thing you can’t deny. The guy is damn good at broadcasting.