Travis Etienne
Travis Etienne is playing receiver at the Jaguars’ rookie minicamp, which only boosts his fantasy value. You need backs that can catch. (USA Today)

It’s never too early to talk about fantasy football right? Especially rookies, if you hit on a rookie it’s pretty safe to assume you’ll have a solid year (Unless you crap the bed literally everywhere else). Travis Etienne is boosting the crap out of his fantasy stock because according to Urban Meyer, the rookie running back has been playing wide receiver at the Jaguars’ rookie minicamp.

Meyer’s reasoning for this is that Etienne will have multiple passes thrown his way, regardless of whether he lines up at receiver or in the backfield, so the Jaguars wanted to provide Etienne as much experience as he can get running routes.

Worst case scenario you have a running back that’s elite with receiver skills.

Meyer on Etienne playing receiver, via Ian Rapoport of NFL Network

In fantasy football, you absolutely NEED running backs who have the ability to catch the football. That’s how James White is relevant in PPR leagues, it’s how Austin Ekeler will be a solid running back for you. When Le’Veon Bell was with the Steelers, he was the workhorse because he could run and catch the ball. Christian McCaffrey can easily be lined up in the slot and be a starting slot wide receiver in the NFL, that’s why he’s an elite running back in fantasy football (barring injuries but it’s moronic to project or predict those). Travis Etienne could be the next running back who could lineup as a legitimate slot wide receiver, and that means great things for him in fantasy football.

It’s time to put Travis Etienne on the watchlist for fantasy football. Him playing wide receiver is only boosting his stock, receiving backs are extremely valuable and you should take one when you have the chance.

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