James Harden
Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press

Look, I’m not going to sit here and act like I don’t have any personal bias against James Harden, cause I do. But don’t we all? I mean, Trey has a personal bias against Russell Westbrook. Karl has a bias against Giannis. It’s natural when it comes to sports, mine is James Harden, but for good reason. Last year, I called James Harden a better Carmelo Anthony, that statement has still not been proven false. The comparisons between the two are uncanny. Is it a coincidence that Trey has called Carmelo Anthony a cancer and now I am? Nope.

Let’s think about it. James Harden is at least the 2nd best SG in the league and most have him as the best SG in the league. He’s also a top 10 NBA player no question. He wants to be traded, and the fact he’s not been traded yet, much less the same day or week, tells me everything I need to know. He’s a cancer and people are realizing it. First of all, the guy has horrible taste. He wanted to team up with Russell Westbrook, the other most ball-dominant player in the league. Why? People were surprised that wouldn’t work? Not me, I saw that a mile away. Next, Russell Westbrook wants out, why? Harden.

It’s clear James Harden doesn’t take basketball seriously. He’s constantly partying and the. Got exposed to COVID-19, showed up to camp late, etc. No one doubts his talent as he showed up and balled out anyway without practice and showing up to camp. It’s the principle though.

He’s asked for a trade and has expanded his desired teams many times and no one is budging. Does that surprise anyone? Look how he carries himself around. Sure, he scores a shit ton of points, but even that doesn’t guarantee success. How much playoff success has he had? He single-handedly made CP3 look washed. Once CP3 was traded, it was evident that CP3 was still a baller. I’m sorry, it’s almost impossible to be a star and play with Harden. You won’t win a championship with him and somehow he’s going to make you look like a bad player. He’s as cancerous as his stans on Twitter, I wonder where they get it from? James Harden is a cancer, that’s why no one wants him.