James Harden
Michael Reaves/Getty Images

James Harden has shown the world that he does not care about winning a championship. While the rest of the NBA reports for camp and is in quarantine, Harden is out throwing cash at clubs. There are two weeks left until the season, and Harden has better things to do apparently.

This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, honestly. Harden has always come off as a player than has cared more about himself than the team he plays for. He’s an amazing player and one of the best shot creators ever, but He’ll never win on his own. Not even with two top point guards or prime Dwight Howard could Harden win. He will never win.

It is about two weeks till the season starts. Harden’s future with the Rockets is still up in the air because he won’t report to camp. The Rockets have already moved on from Russell Westbrook and given Harden yet another solid two guy, but it won’t matter. Harden has never gotten along with whoever he plays with. That’s just who he is. I don’t think he can co-exist with anyone else on the court. Michael Jordan could be out there with Harden, and Harden would say everything going wrong was Jordan’s fault.

The entire NBA wants to play, but Harden doesn’t apparently. Not only is he out partying instead of at camp, but he’s doing so not socially distant and without a mask. What happens if this dude eventually does report to camp and has COVID? NBA games may be easier to reschedule than NFL games, but that still puts the season in jeopardy.

Screw James Harden. Sports are about the only good thing going this year and this dude could possibly ruin it. Harden would rather party than actually play and compete for a title. He’ll put up big numbers and have a delusional fan base become even more so.