James Harden
Harry How/Getty Images

The truth hurts and you know it. James Harden is just a better Carmelo Anthony and there’s only one thing that will change my mind: A ring. The similarities between these two are actually eerie. But if I don’t make you a believer at the end of this article, then you’re in denial.


Let’s point out the obvious. They don’t have rings. The closest that Carmelo Anthony got to a ring is in 2009 when the Nuggets lost to the eventual champion in the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. That is the only time Carmelo has reached the conference finals. In all of his other playoff appearances, he only won one playoff series. He was continually bounced in the first round or he just didn’t make the playoffs.

James Harden has had a little bit more success in the playoffs but not a lot. When he was with the Thunder, they reached the Conference finals once and the NBA finals once, but that was with Kevin Durant. He’s reached the conference finals on his own twice with the Rockets but has not reached the NBA finals with the Rockets yet. (Nor will he) Harden continually gets bounced in the second round.

Style of Play

This one I can’t really prove, it is more of a subjective thing since it is simply the eye test. But Carmelo has always been one of the better Iso players in the league. He’s been routinely called a ball hog. However, many defensive aces have said that he is one of the hardest players to ever guard. Carmelo can flat out score and there isn’t any doubt about that. Melo has never been known for his defense either

That is the same for James Harden. Obviously, because of the title, he is a better scorer than Carmelo. James Harden is one of the most ball-dominant players I have ever seen. If you watch Harden play, I guarantee you that he will call for an iso, dribble 15 God damn times, and either do a step back 3 or hook someone’s arm and get a foul called for him. He is the best at it and is frankly a great scorer. Surprise, surprise, James Harden doesn’t play defense at all. I hate watching him play as I hated watching Carmelo play.


Carmelo Anthony doesn’t have as much as James Harden, but their hardware is somewhat similar. Carmelo Anthony was a scoring champion once, James Harden was the scoring champion twice. Both have 6 All-NBA selections. However, James Harden has an MVP award. Harden has been a leader in multiple categories like Assists and 3PT made.

Carmelo Anthony never had any success in his career. He could fill up that stat sheet but other than that, he was not good for winning. With James Harden being a better version of that, he fills up the stat sheet more than Carmelo. He has a little bit more success than Carmelo. However, James Harden will never win a ring just like Carmelo Anthony. Their style of play just doesn’t equate winning titles. Carmelo has been rumored to be madder when the Knicks win but he plays bad than when the Knicks lose and he plays well. James Harden, in my opinion, is a basketball cancer just like Carmelo Anthony. Whenever everyone can come to terms with this let me know, because I know I am not the only one that feels this way.