Jameis Winston
Bruce Arians is convinced that he can fix Jameis Winston. Can it be done? (Julio Aguilar/Getty)

I think 70 percent of American has totally given up on Jameis Winston. Bruce Arians falls in the other 30 percent. Jameis Winston is broke but Bruce Arians is convinced that he can fix him. What’s the issue with Jaboo Winston? Arians thinks that it has everything to do with overall mechanics to his game.

Arians and his entire staff have been on the hunt to track down the reasons why Winston hasn’t lived up to his full potential:

“I’ve studied a bunch of them,” Arians told Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “Clyde has watched every throw he’s made since his rookie year and Byron, too. And it’s like you’re trying to look safeties off too long and your feet are crossed. So much of it is mechanical.”

You could certainly make that case. The issue has been more turnovers and stupid decisions on and off the field. Cut down and those and you may have something. In 56 games, Winston has thrown 58 interceptions and 18 fumbles. That’s an issue. The good news is Arians can flat out coach and we’re going to get a fair chance to see if Winston really has what it takes.

“I like to call it the driving range, taking him to the range,” Arians said. “Clyde is one of the best and we go to the range 30 minutes a day, just footwork and drills and throwing off balance and making these throws. You don’t get to stand there and throw it (overhand) perfectly all the time.

“One of the great feelings as a coach is when you do a drill and you see it in the game. That’s exactly what we practiced last Wednesday and the guy can do it now. That’s coaching.”

That’s so huge that Arians has such a staff behind him. Clyde Christensen, Byron Leftwich, and Todd Bowles all came with him to Tampa. I’m so excited for the Bucs and I probably shouldn’t be. Let’s hope things are different with Bruce running the pirate ship.