Jameis Winston
Are we sure Jameis Winston stinks? Be careful to answer that question too soon (Julio Aguilar/Getty)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a mess. Dirk Koetter is out and Tampa Bay franchise is already shattered in a million pieces. The offseason starts today for the Buccaneers moving forward and their first big decision has to do with the quarterback position. Is Jameis Winston their guy of the future? Before you answer that I want you to really think about it. Most people would probably say no without hesitation but are you sure? Jameis Winston may never make it as a franchise quarterback but he deserves a chance to really fail or succeed.

Let’s start with the negatives. If you really think about it, Winston’s cons have nothing to do with his talent. The number one concern with Winston is that he is an asshole. Stealing crab legs and groping Uber drivers is unacceptable for a franchise quarterback. That’s the number one concern. Jameis Winston needs a real leader at the head coach position. Dirk Koetter is a joke. I’m not sure there are many people that could succeed with him. If Winston is going to make it, he needs a coach that can lead him in the right direction.

What else is concerning. He throws too many picks? Sure, but that’s not always a bad thing. There’s a difference between good picks and bad picks. A real head coach can cut down on those bad mistakes. He’s a little slow footed in the pocket but can still move. Outside of that, why can’t Winston make it?

Winston is still just 24 years old. He’s a young guy that has immaturity issues. Over his first two years in the league, Winston threw 50 touchdowns and over 8,000 yards. The Bucs quarterback hasn’t always been consistent but his highs are really high. Just scout the pure tools for a second. Winton can throw. He has plus arm strength. Winston has great size. There’s a ton of pure talent there. We just don’t always see it.

Let’s play a game. Andy Dalton or Jameis Winston? Okay how about Alex Smith? Can you say with absolute confidence that Ryan Tannehill, Dak Prescott, Marcus Mariota, Matt Stafford, etc. are better than Winston moving forward? Put Winston on the Vikings and tell me that they don’t make the playoffs?

It hasn’t always been pretty for Jameis but he hasn’t been coached properly either. This isn’t a Blake Bortles situation. Jameis Winston can play. The question is how good is he and I don’t think anyone knows the answer the that question.