Charley Casserly
It turns out that Charley Casserly is a total fraud. He had motivation to rip Kyler Murray (NFL Network Image)

NFL Network is having a tough week. First, we have Ian Rapoport lying at every turn claiming that Antonio Brown was heading to Buffalo. That turned out to be a lie. Now we have Charley Casserly ripping Kyler Murray for his poor interviews at the combine. Casserly claimed that Murray bombed the combine. It probably turns out that Casserly is a total fraud.

Pro Football Talk has reported that Casserly has a conflict of interest. It appears that Casserly was butt hurt that Murray didn’t hire him to prepare for the interviews:

“Much speculation has occurred regarding the motivations for Charley Casserly’s recent report regarding Kyler Murray’s interviews at the Scouting Combine. As to one potential motivation, no further speculation is needed.

Casserly has a conflict of interest.

He has leveraged his experience as a General Manager and/or his platform on NFL Network into a side business. The side business consists of preparing prospects for Scouting Combine interviews.”

You can read the full post but essentially Casserly has been ripping Murray because he didn’t hire him. PFT also asked NFL Network for the list of clients that Casserly helps and they have not cooperated. Figures that Casserly is probably helping another quarterback in the draft class trying to boost his draft stock.

I think this is a great lesson for people to learn. Do not listen to a word that reporters or media members tell you about combine interviews. Teams lie all the time in order to bash a player so that they can just end up drafting him. Someone tells you that Team A is interested in drafting player B. Take it with a grain of salt. We don’t have a reliable reporter on the planet in the NFL.

I’ll leave Casserly’s original statement below. That statement now means absolutely nothing considering that he is profiting off these draft hopefuls and is super butt hurt:

“He better hope [Kliff] Kingbury takes him No. 1 because this was not good. These were the worst comments I ever got on a top-rated quarterback and I’ve been doing this a long time. . . . Leadership — not good. Study habits — not good. The board work — below not good. Not good at all in any of those areas, raising major concerns about what this guy is going to do. … This guy is not outstanding in those areas and it showed up in the interview.

“In the interviews I got exactly the same stories. They were not impressed with his leadership skills or potential for the interview. They weren’t impressed with his study habits, and I can’t give you the quotes but they’re pretty bad. And they were not impressed with his board work and understanding football concepts that was quizzed on, and that wasn’t good. I can’t give you the quotes. It was the worst report I’ve ever heard on a top-ranked quarterback from the interview part of it. One thing that stuck out to me: this guy was never trained for the interview. Whoever trained him did a poor job; guys do get trained for interviews now.”