How are the Milwaukee Bucks so good? Khris Middleton gave an amazing quote (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Culture matters in sports. Some players are cancers. Some coaches suck. Some coaches get the most out of players. It’s a very real thing. The Milwaukee Bucks have been the best team in the NBA thus far with a record of 49-16 and will likely have the 1st seed in the East. The Bucks were a 7 seed last year. How are the Bucks so good?

Khris Middleton gave us an amazing quote for why the Bucks have been so good this year:

“We’ve been lucky,” Middleton said The Athletic. “I think Jon Horst and Bud, they’ve done a great job of just having high character guys in here. They speak about it all the time, like we don’t really have assholes on this team. If we have an asshole, (then) me, Giannis, Bled, Malcolm, whoever, we’re able to kind of get him under control, let him know how we do things here.”

This may or may not have been a shot at the Lakers but if it is, I’m now a huge fan of Khris Middleton. Imagine if the Bucks did have LeBron James? They would probably miss the playoffs. The Bucks don’t have a Russell Westbrook, or a DeMar DeRozan, or a Carmelo Anthony. All of the guys on the Bucks is team first and they all play willing defense.

The Bucks are the only team I fear the Celtics may actually lose to in the East. Nobody has an answer for the Greek Freak. He also seems like a hell of a teammate. Kris Middleton has take the leap to All-Star status and is knocking down 38 percent of his 3-pointers. Brook Lopez may have been the steal of the offseason. How did they grab him for $3 million?