Howie Roseman
Howie Roseman compared trading Carson Wentz to cutting off his fingers. Howie is about to walk into the office looking like Jason Pierre-Paul. (Michael Perez/Associated Press)

Howie Roseman Compares Trading Carson Wentz To Cutting His Fingers Off

If there was ever a way to describe the year 2020, all you have to do is watch NFC East football. The Giants were in a position to win the division by having Wayne Gallman sit on a football. The Eagles decided to let Washington have the division by having Nate Sudfeld take snaps in a game Carson Wentz was healthy.

We officially live in an upside down universe.

Howie Roseman met with the press today to talk about the end of the Eagles season. We all know what’s coming, Wentz is getting traded this offseason. Roseman compared trading Wentz to cutting his fingers off.

The best Twitter comment of the bunch has to go to this guy. Talk about hitting the nail on the head. Howie is about to walk into the Eagles office like Jason Pierre-Paul.

We all know the divorce is coming. Wentz and Doug Pederson hate each other. It’s damaged beyond repair. When you become a healthy scratch in a game that Nate Sudfeld plays, it’s over. Pack the bags.

The Eagles are officially the most laughable fan base. They will somehow within a few year stretch will have run Andy Reid and Carson Wentz out of town. You can’t make it up. Fans somehow bullied this fan base so bad that NATE SUDFELD was taking snaps in Week 17 with Wentz as a healthy scratch.

I can only imagine what Howie’s brain is like. Forget hamster running on a wheel, that’s too advanced. This man’s brain is so wild right now that he’s thinking about playing that game where you try not to stab your hand.

In all seriousness, Roseman has nobody to blame but himself. The Eagles are miles over the cap next year with a terrible roster. They’re also about to trade a $100 million quarterback in the hope that they can build a Taysom Hill offense with Jalen Hurts.

Nothing makes sense anymore. If the Eagles are any indication for 2021, we’re all screwed.