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Howie Roseman Apparently Has A Lifetime Contract With The Eagles

Howie Roseman
Apparently Howie Roseman has a lifetime contract with the Philadelphia Eagles and there’s nothing he can do to get himself fired. (Michael Perez/Associated Press)

The Philadelphia Eagles are a complete and total dumpster fire. Somehow they have ruined Carson Wentz and sit at 4-8-1 on the season. It’s no secret that everyone is on the hot seat in Philadelphia… well… except for general manager Howie Roseman somehow.

The Philadelphia Inquirer had a story on Roseman’s job security. At this rate, Roseman could literally rob a bank and would keep his job. There’s nothing he can do that will get him fired.

Below are some key quotes from the story:

One thing that definitely isn’t hanging in the balance, though, much to the chagrin of many Eagles fans, is the future of the general manager, Howie Roseman.

Sources close to owner Jeffrey Lurie said that while no decision has been reached on whether Pederson will be back for a sixth season, Roseman’s return never has been in doubt. In fact, it’s not even something Lurie has contemplated.

When asked about Roseman’s job security last week, former Eagles president Joe Banner, who has known Lurie since they were kids and spent nearly two decades working alongside him, said he didn’t think there was “even a 10% chance” of Roseman’s getting fired or being asked to resign.

“I know how Jeff thinks,” Banner said. “I know how much confidence he has in Howie. I know, in his mind, he’ll view Howie’s eight-to-10-year record, including winning a Super Bowl. I think he has tremendous trust in Howie. And I’d be very surprised if there was a move there.”

Others, both inside the Eagles organization and around the league, concur. While Roseman has made some glaring mistakes in the draft and free agency in recent years, his relationship with Lurie remains rock-solid.

“You could bring somebody else in,” the scout said. “But Howie still will be there in the middle of it making all of the final decisions. Howie either has to get it right or it’s not going to get right if he’s there.”

What can go wrong in Philadelphia will go wrong. The idea that Roseman is a lock to keep his job is down right insane. Roseman is a complete and total nerd. It just so happens that the analytical nerds don’t know football and you’re seeing that play out with the Eagles.

The list of mistakes are glaring. Just in the past two years, Roseman passed on DK Metcalf and Justin Jefferson for JJ Arcega-Whiteside and Jalen Reagor. Roseman’s roster mismanagement has cursed this franchise. If the average Eagles fan was smart enough to follow roster moves, they would start chugging antifreeze.

Roseman is never getting fired. He’s been there since 2000 and was hired out of Fordham Law school. Even when they hired Chip Kelly and gave him full control, Roseman kept his job. Now Roseman regained power, turned the roster into shit, and will continue to get the opportunity to tank this team.

Look, I don’t know maybe Howie has some naughty pictures of the owner. Who knows. The only thing we do know is what can go wrong for the Eagles will. Jalen Hurts will play just well enough to get the job for next year. Philadelphia will sell low on Carson Wentz and he will light it up in Indianapolis leaving Philly fans angrier than ever. Then Howie will go to the draft and take Sage Surratt in the top 10 of the draft after his 4.7 – 40 time. Write it down.

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