Houston Texans Coaching Job
The Houston Texans coaching job is suicide. (Kelvin Kuo-USA Today)

The Houston Texans coaching job has now been deemed ‘undesirable’. Well, it seems the curse of Bill O’Brien lives on. According to Adam Schefter, a league source close to the Texans has said the job is the most undesirable in the NFL.

The Texans Coaching Job is Suicide.

However, that’s not all as the sense that Deshaun Watson has played his last snap for the Texans. I do remember a certain someone here at Vendetta saying this coaching job was a suicide mission. Oh, boy is it ever. There is no way you win with this team and they have draft picks so you can’t get better unless you trade Watson. Then again, who wants to be the coach or GM that traded Watson.

I’ve been hearing a fair amount of teams in the Watson sweepstakes should the Texans give in and make him available. The New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers, and Miami Dolphins, just to name a few. Watson going to any of these teams would make them instantly better no doubt. Not championship ready though, just to be clear. However, the haul in getting Watson maybe too much.

The Texans Should Trade Watson Soon.

The New York Jets out of any of the teams I previously mentioned are the best suited to acquire Watson and not give up so much that they can’t get better. If the Texans traded with the Jets and acquired their 2nd overall pick they can take a QB like Justin Fields and wouldn’t need Sam Darnold. In turn that would allow the Jets to trade Darnold. Most likely to a team like the 49ers or the Steelers and acquire some good draft compensation.

However, this isn’t about the Jets it’s about the Texans. That organization has ruined careers and has been mismanaged forever. I can’t even imagine having someone like Watson and three years later you have to rebuild. Whoever let O’Brien make the DeAndre Hopkins and Kenny Stills trade should be examined. I feel bad for Watson and he deserves a fresh start.

Whether Watson stays or leaves the Texans still suck. That is just crazy to think but they are terrible. With or without him they cannot allow something like this to happen again in the future.