New Jersey
(Dave Martin / AP, file)

Phil Murphy, Governor of New Jersey, made it official this week that smokers are now being bumped to the front of the line. Smokers have been a high-risk population since the beginning of the pandemic. It just seems kind of wrong that they’re getting bumped to the front of the line. My question is just how can you prove you’re a smoker?

Smokers Can Skip The Line

For example, do you just show up with a pack of Newport’s in your pocket and tell the nurse ‘I’m a smoker give me the shot’? That part is confusing to me. However, NJ Department of Health Commissioner Judy Persichilli said in a press conference that no proof is required. Wait, What? So I can just show up tell them I smoke and get the vaccine. That’s just insane.

I do have some inside info on this. According to my source in the New Jersey Health Department. It will merely be when you show up to get the vaccine they’ll call everyone who smokes to the front of the line or form their own line. This seems very unfair to teachers and essential workers in New Jersey, who have yet to be prioritized.

New York and New Jersey Are Far Behind.

I live in New York and I’m an essential worker. However, I can’t get an appointment because of the sheer volume of people signing up to get the vaccine. I don’t know what’s harder getting a PlayStation 5 or getting the COVID vaccine.

Furthermore, New Jersey is behind on its vaccinations just like New York. Which I don’t understand, because Florida and Texas are doing very well in their vaccine plans. For some reason, it’s slow in the North East.

All I know is I hope this is over very soon. I would love to be back in Yankee Stadium by the summer time. Everyone needs this pandemic to die down.