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Exploring Potential Deshaun Watson Trade Packages

Deshaun Watson Trade

(Karen Warren, Houston Chronicle)

Deshaun Watson Trade
(Karen Warren, Houston Chronicle)

The Texans organization has been a disaster for years, from Bill O’Brien to Steve McNair, and the players want out. Consequently, Deandre Hopkins was the first disgruntled player to get shipped off and now it looks to be Watson’s time. With multiple reports saying Watson’s time in Houston is done, a trade is seemingly imminent. There are multiple teams that have the assets to get a blockbuster deal done for a potential Deshaun Watson trade.

Miami Dolphins

According to sources, Deshaun Watson has expressed interest to play for Miami. Brian Flores’s Dolphins have the assets to not only get a deal done, but also become an immediate AFC contender with the addition of Watson. Tua Tagovailoa had an up and down rookie season where he flashed the talent scouts gushed over in his time at Alabama. Though promising, Watson would be a massive upgrade over Tagovailoa and a guaranteed franchise quarterback without any question marks.

The Dolphins have the 7th most cap space going into the offseason, enough to bolster a mediocre receiving corps outside of DeVante Parker. The offensive line was lackluster last year, but it comprised of three rookies who will likely take a step forward in year two. Watson has successfully worked with a lack of weapons this past season throwing for 4,823 yards, and will be able to do more on a better offense in Miami.

The Dolphins have more than enough assets to get this deal done. Two first round picks and two second round picks in this year’s draft will be an appealing offer in a Deshaun Watson trade. Sending in the 5th overall pick last year in Tagovailoa as well would mean the Texans have a quarterback to build the franchise around too. Miami has the tools to offer the most tempting deal for Watson and become an instant AFC powerhouse.

Houston receives: Tua Tagovailoa, 2021 3rd overall, 18th overall, 50th overall, and 2022 1st, and 2022 2nd

Miami receives: Deshaun Watson and 2022 3rd

San Francisco 49ers

A trade for Deshaun Watson would make the 49ers and immediate favorite to win the NFC. A year removed from the super bowl, San Francisco has lacked consistent quarterback play since Alex Smith. Kyle Shanahan and Watson would form a deadly combination with young playmakers around the offense. George Kittle, Deebo Samuel, and Brandon Aiyuk are deadly threats after the catch and would be even better with Watson.

According to sources around the league, Jimmy Garoppolo is certainly going to be cut, however, his team friendly contract will leave only $2.8 million in dead cap space. Cutting Garoppolo will certainly leave the Niners with enough cap space to handle Watson’s considerable contract for years to come. The addition of Watson will give San Francisco the offense to compete with the likes of Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray in the NFC West.

In terms of getting a deal done, the Niners do not have a young quarterback to trade, but they would be willing to give up plenty of picks and players of positional need to the Texans as well. The 29 year old Jason Verrett is an appealing trade target. Hurting at defensive back the Niners could sign and trade the corner. Having a strong upgrade in the secondary and multiple firsts for the foreseeable future would be an attractive option for Houston.

Houston receives Jason Verrett, 2021 12th overall, 43rd overall, 2022 1st, 2022 2nd, and 2023 1st

San Francisco receives: Deshaun Watson

Washington Football Team

Washington started four different quarterbacks in 2020 and do not have a long term solution to the position. The addition of Ron Rivera and Scott Turner have turned around a disappointing franchise who made the playoffs for the first time since 2016. The bright future of this franchise makes Washington an enticing landing spot for Watson. Washington has weapons in Terry McLaurin and Antonio Gibson as well as an offensive line that has made significant strides as the year went on ending the year as the 6th best unit per PFF.

Having the 5th most cap space in the league, Washington can surround Watson with more offensive talent. Possessing a dominant defensive front, Washington would become an instant favorite to win the NFC East and consistently go to the playoffs for years to come.

A deal for Watson is steep, but possible given the lack of leverage Houston has in the situation. Having holes everywhere along the defense, a young run stuffer like Da’Ron Payne would be a substantial upgrade for the Texans front seven. Again, an upgrade on defense and multiple picks for the next few years put the Texans in an encouraging spot.

Houston receives: Da’Ron Payne, 2021 19th overall, 51st overall, 2022 1st, 2022 2nd, and 2023 1st

Washington receives: Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson is a generational quarterback stuck on a poorly run organization. The growing frustration of Watson in Houston will lead to a deal where Watson can turn around the offense and culture of a franchise elsewhere.

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