The Houston Texans job is a suicide mission. Talented people that have options should hang up the phone if the Texans offer them the job. (AP Photo/Eric Christian Smith)

The Houston Texans Job Is A Suicide Mission

Talented people have options in life. I’m not sure why this is the case but the NFL is filled with big egos.

“I can fix him or I can win with this”

You don’t need to do that to yourself. You have options. If the Houston Texans called me tomorrow to interview for their open general manager job, I’d hang up the phone. It’s a suicide mission with no light at the end of the tunnel. Hard pass.

Look, you would think that having Deshaun Watson is a great start. However, it’s still an impossible task to win this team. If Watson is on your roster, there are expectations to win. Even someone as wildly talented as Watson has proven he can’t carry this dog shit team to anything more than 5 wins. In fairness, nobody can.

Bill O’Brien has tanked this team for a minimum of five years. This is no fast turn around. Think about how screwed Houston is? Right now the Texans are locked in as the third pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. The only problem is that pick is going to Miami… and so is their second round pick.

Let’s get this straight, the Texans are bad, have no picks, and are also $15 million over the salary cap next year already. Why would anyone want this job? You could have a 100 percent success rate for every draft pick and it would still take five years to turn this thing around.

If you’re really looking at this honestly, by the time this team gets to the point where they can compete, all of the prime years of Deshaun Watson have been used up. Now Watson is into his 30’s and you’re unable to take advantage of those cheap rookie contract years to build in free agency.

The only way to truly turn around Houston the right way is by completely starting over. That means everything goes including Watson. As a GM, I’m not attaching my name to being the guy who traded a quarterback like Watson. No way in hell.

Don’t call me, Houston. I’m not picking up the phone. Nor should anybody else that has self-awareness. NFL owners are impatient. Even if you make the right moves, you’re getting fired for O’Brien’s unintentional tank job. No thank you.