Golic and Wingo
(Joe Faraoni/ESPN Images)

ESPN is making drastic and sweeping changes to their platform. Now it looks like the “Golic & Wingo” show will be the next to be axed, the New York Post had the following:

ESPN is replacing “Golic & Wingo” in the mornings with a program likely centered around Johnson and Williams with Mehenti the point guard, according to sources. ESPN is currently negotiating to make it happen.

I have never been a fan of Golic & Wingo. It just never interested me in any way. The show has never been exciting by any means. It simply is unable to compete with the other shows on ESPN. Uncertainty surrounds the future of Mike Golic and Trey Wingo as the New York Post said:

It is unclear what role Golic Sr. and Wingo will have at ESPN moving forward. Both have contracts that run through the end of the year, but Wingo’s only assignment, besides radio, is the NFL draft.

Golic Sr. has had a very strong run on mornings, including teaming with Greenberg in what was a very successful tandem for nearly two decades.

As for Trey Wingo’s job with the NFL Draft, it was a disaster. The 2020 NFL Draft was painful to watch with Trey Wingo, I had to mute it. Wingo butchered so many names I lost count. There was no benefit with him there, remove him and it would have been a better program I guarantee it. Someone else would not have said a quarterback went to Army when he actually went to Navy. I mean having that stuff correct is such a basic part of hosting a draft show. Wingo botched it worse than Romo against the Seahawks.

The removal of Golic & Wingo is part of multiple changes for ESPN. The network is trying to improve and I can’t blame them, it hasn’t been pretty. The show won’t be missed. As both Golic and Wingo’s contracts are expiring, their exit will be brief and not a moment too soon.