ESPN Radio

ESPN Radio is determined to reinvent and rejuvenate their lineup across the nation. This begins with their new morning show. Basketball analyst and former Chicago Bulls player Jay Williams is a leading candidate to join Keyshawn Johnson on the show. SportsCenter host Zubin Mehenti is also a leading candidate. It is very likely that Max Kellerman could end up in afternoon hours, according to the New York Post.

This would be an incredible shake up as many ESPN Radio programs would get shuffled around as a result. ESPN has announced that Keyshawn Johnson is joining its “NFL Live” program that runs daily. This means he will be moving east from Los Angeles. Johnson was originally doing ESPN local radio.

ESPN is continuing to lock in on their lineup as a whole. There have been discussions about taking “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz” off the radio. It is unsure if it will be taken off entirely, but losing an hour is a possibility. The show currently runs from 10am-1pm. Mike Greenberg’s show is expected to run either from 12pm-2pm or 1pm-3pm. Greenberg’s morning show “Get Up” will continue to run.

The New York Post says that if Greenberg is 12pm-2pm then Max Kellerman would be slotted at 2pm-4pm. Don’t worry, Max Kellerman will continue to be with Stephen A. Smith on “First Take” in the mornings.

The problem that is hanging over the entire situation is the unsteadiness as America deals with Covid-19. Major sports are supposed to return soon, yet it’s still uncertain if it will actually happen with cases continuing to spike. ESPN hopes to broadcast NBA games upon the season resumption in the Orlando bubble. MLB games, MLS restarting and the NHL returning to play and crown a Stanley Cup Champion will hopefully give the radio shows a much needed spark.