Rodrigo Blankenship
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The “Who The Fuck is That Guy” series continues! “Who The Fuck is That Guy” is the final segment for every episode of the Vendetta Sports Fantasy Show. Everyone on the show gives a random player, a player no one knows about. No one will ever draft this player. Yet somehow, someway they will win you your fantasy league. Today, we’re looking at Rodrigo Blankenship, kicker for the Indianapolis Colts and Trey’s pick from episode 3.

Background Information

Blankenship played college football at the University of Georgia. The 23 year old rookie signed with the Colts after going undrafted in the 2020 NFL Draft. Longtime Patriots and Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri was not resigned after a down year in 2019. Vinatieri went 17/25 for 68% overall, it simply looked like father time caught up to him and his leg fell off. Blankenship steps into a Colts team looking for a kicker to replace an all-time great.

Production In College

Blankenship was a very consistent kicker, making every extra point in his college career going 200/200. He’s been a consistent field goal kicker as well. Blankenship has made over 81% of his kicks since his sophomore year in college. He finished his senior year making 27/33 field goals, finishing his college career with an 81.8 field goal percentage. He’s been a consistent kicker throughout his career. If you remove his freshmen year in 2016, he has a career field goal percentage of 83.8. Matt Prater had that same percentage in 2019.

Fantasy Potential

Kickers are people too, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. The Colts’ offense is nothing to write home about, but that actually benefits their kicker in fantasy. Kickers get more points for making longer field goals. Philip Rivers and the running game can move the ball between the 20s, I’m just not sure about in the Redzone. That’s where Blankenship comes in. He drills a few field goals and boom! He has 13 points for you that week. It’s such a likely scenario and I’d expect to see it a few times this year.

Path To Playing Time

Rodrigo Blankenship has a straight forward path to playing time, win his position battle. The Colts currently have 2 kickers on their roster, Blankenship is one and the other is Chase McLaughlin. McLaughlin is known by most for his incredible shank that ended up in the tunnel against the Seahawks in overtime. Blankenship simply has to win this position battle to become a starting kicker in the NFL and a kicker you should pick up in free agency in fantasy.

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