Trey Wingo
Trey Wingo and Wendi Nix are in danger of losing their jobs at ESPN. When it comes to Wingo, it’s hard to blame ESPN after this past NFL Draft. (Steve Luciano/AP)

It seems like every other week, massive changes are coming to ESPN. Probably because they never get anything right with the changes that they make. Meaning, they keep making changes and brutally missing the mark each time. ESPN is planning on shuffling programming again but this time it could mean a notable personality is out of a job.

Trey Wingo could be possibly let go by ESPN because they are having a hard time finding a role for him. The same can be said for Wendi Nix. The New York Post had the following:

“The future of ESPN Radio’s Trey Wingo is in limbo as the network continues to mull changes to its audio and television lineups, The Post has learned.

ESPN is in the midst of reshaping its radio and NFL presentations and it is unclear where Wingo will end up. With Wingo’s contract up, ESPN has explored changing its national morning radio program of “Golic and Wingo.”

It potentially would have made sense for the 56-year-old Wingo to return to “NFL Live” if he were to be taken off the radio. But Laura Rutledge of “Get Up” and “SEC Nation” is replacing Wendi Nix as the primary host of “NFL Live,” sources said.”

Let’s be honest, listening to Trey Wingo do the 2020 NFL Draft this year was brutal. He butchered a minimum of 10 names this year. He brought absolutely nothing to the table and was a tough listen the entire time. When I saw butchered I mean he messed up the entire 3 days. Not to mention, Wingo and Golic is a total snoozefest. It has not worked. Get Up’s rating are atrocious and he’s even beating Golic in that mark. That’s when you know it’s bad. ESPN had tried their best to save Get Up while they let Golic and Wingo rot.

What’s next for ESPN? Who the hell knows? It sounds like from the Post article that a lot of changes are coming. It won’t matter. They never get any of these changes right as more and more people go away from ESPN because they continue to provide trash content.